Cleansing and Sage

The ritual burning of herbs and herbal resins is common to many cultures in the world. From the rich frankincense of the Church and the Middle Eastern bazaar, to the heady incenses of Asia, to the raw energy of brush burning in many native cultures—the purification of space through this modality is a global phenomenon and one you can benefit from highly.

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today, it has nevertheless been a shared practice in other cultures too.

From the ancient Celtic druids who used sage as a sacred herb alongside Oak Moss for burning as well as medicinal purposes, to the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon whose ‘Palo Santo’ (sacred wood) sage burning ceremonies are still practiced to this day.

Spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is done to remove the negative energies or unwelcome spirits from your home using purified herbs. It is good to cleanse your home once in a while to adjust the emotional environment of your home and maintain peace. Whether you are moving to a new home or renting a place for new office, it is good to have it blessed or cleanse it by yourself to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibrations.


Spiritual cleansing with herbs or smudging clears away any negative energy, thoughts and bad feelings and helps in clearing one's body's aura. Spiritual cleansing with sage is done for protection against evil and negativity. Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition in which herbs are burned for emotional, psychic and spiritual purification. The effectiveness of smudging is based on the theory that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

Smudging is also effective when you are very angry, unwell, depressed or resentful or when had a fight with closed one.

Spiritual cleansing with sage:

Sage is a powerful herb which is held sacred in many religions due to its effective purifying energies. This small evergreen shrub is used in kitchen as herb for cooking and as herbal medicine due to its anti-biotic, anti-fungal and antispasmodic properties. It heals by bringing the patient back in to balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. This potent herb has been used for thousands of years in several rituals and ceremonies. It is used in cleansing rituals to establish positive energy, clarity of thoughts and healing.

There are many varieties of clarity of thoughts and healing.

There are many varieties of sage used in smudging. The botanical name for sage is Salvia and it is commonly called white sage.

 Spiritual house cleansing with sage:  Ritual

Performing a sage cleansing ritual for driving off negative energy from your home is not difficult. You just have to prepare yourself with some ingredients required to perform the ritual and gain knowledge about the entire procedure. To perform spiritual house cleansing with sage you will need.

White Sage, ceramic bowl or a large candle holder, matches, native music (if you desired)

Before starting the ritual, you have to mentally and physically distract yourself and concentrate on the smudging process.

The first step involves de-cluttering the space and making a peaceful environment in the room by switching off all the electronic gadgets. Take several deep breaths and bring your mind in a relaxed and positive state.

Once you have reached a positive frame of mind, prepare the sage for burning. The white sage for smudging is available in the form of wrapped long bundle. If you have loose sticks of white sage, place a handful of sage in the earthen bowl. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and light the end of the sage stick. Hold it in upward position and say your prayers, chants or requests for positive energy to cast out of any negativity. Visualize a bright light within yourself that will provide you shield against dark forces and negative energy. Offer the smoke of the sage smudge in all the directions of the house. Slowly, carry the smudge in the entire room to make sure smoke reaches every corner. Walk through the entire house, around the edges of the wall, corners of the frames of the doors and windows, bathrooms and your closets. Make sure you are handling the bowl safely, taking care of clothes in your closet and curtains. You can also use a large feather to fan the smoke in distant areas of your house.

Throughout the ritual, you have to focus on positive energy and recite prayers and chants. You may have chants or any soothing music in the background. Once you have completed the spiritual cleansing process of the entire home, extinguish the remaining sage bundle and you can save it for future use.

Conclusion: Spiritual house cleansing by using sage brings harmony and peace inside the home.

It purifies the space

​​​​​Statement of Purpose

Hands on Paranormal is designed to give you insight into the world of the paranormal. To be a Paranormal Investigator there are some things you will need to know.    It is paramount that you, as a paranormal investigator have a careful approach. To the best of your ability be certain you can back up your work up with scientific data similar to how any professional forensic investigation would approach their work.

Paranormal Research and History

Paranormal and Spirit/Ghost research is like any other field.  Highly specialize and unique in its own right.  Today with the help of electronic instruments it is rapidly gaining recognition and respect from the world of science and many spiritual leaders.   Spirit/Ghost communication is as old as mankind. 

Ancestor-worship became a form of religion as illustrated in cave paintings found all throughout the world, as far back as 32,000 years ago.  Primitive man knew ancestors survived death and they had powers to affect, heal, and guide the living.  Medicine men and women, along with elders in various tribes would communicate with the deceased ancestors and share messages.

Throughout history, the Greeks consulted oracles, the Assyrians & Romans consulted gods and spirits. Native Americans prayed and communicated with their ancestors for guidance.  Also, Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated his ability to communicate with Spirit or commonly referred to as the Holy Ghost. These “innate practice” dating back to the origins of man; show the need for connection to a natural, magical, mystical, and unknown world.

Thus, is the birth of the Paranormal Investigator and the organizing of team investigations.   The quest of communicating with the worlds beyond, paranormal interests are taking it a step further from believing Psychic, Mediums and religions to the place of I want to communicate for myself and Know.  The chant appears to be “I no longer want to take another’s word for it, I want to do it myself” Paranormal researchers are moving into the age of knowing and this will expand human consciousness.

Through, Hands on Paranormal, you learn and experience actual investigations you will become knowledgeable and be able to establish yourself as a leader in the paranormal arena.  Our expert team is dedicated to help individuals that may have any paranormal experiences and interest.  It is our commitment, to continue to raise the bar in the field of Paranormal Research.

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Characteristics of  a Paranormal Investigator

Be Level-headed With an unusual event you will need to rule out all reasonable causes.  "Trial-and-Error" research skills are important and an ability to troubleshoot.  Be calm and confident. 

Move forward in your investigation.  Becoming afraid lends towards poor decisions and a lack in quality of your investigation.


Paranormal phenomenon remains uniquely mis- understood.  

The cause of much paranormal activity is unknown, all environmental variables must be measured.  

Good documents and dedication will eventually prove the factors that influence paranormal phenomenon and be credible.

Investigators are seeking to understand the cause elevated EMF levels, visible apparitions. orbs and audible recordings called EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).

our equipment can measure the most minute vibrations of objects.  Video recorders and cameras capture any phenomenon within the human visual range.
Sound recorders measure sound waves.
Infra-red video and cameras measure fluctuations within the infra-red visual range. (that is vision our eyes can not perceive.

Thermal cameras measure changes in temperature, and often even reveal shapes or patterns to the thermal field.

Spectrum analyzers detect energy throughout radio wave and microwave frequency range.

Magnetometer, X-ray and UV scanners measure magnetic properties, internal "structures" and surface properties of objects that move on their own.

General Tips for Investigations:

Check out the area during the day. so you are familiar with the area.  

Do not trespass.  If you are on private property get permission. 

Always have your ID 

Avoid going alone if possible

Generally the best times to investigate 9pm to 6am, but anytime is ok.

Get all the information and history you can.  Places to look are in the Newspapers, contact the town historians, books and the web.  Never discount folklore.


On Paranormal 

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