History of the land and Church  Building

 The property at 5130 appeared to be part of an 80 acre estate in 1835, and was sold to two men, a Stephen Campbell and Daniel Duck. (Which to this day the owners swear they still see the two men fighting over the property)

By 1876 Stephen and Daniel had died and the 80 acre property somehow or another was under the ownership of John H.R. Duck. On April 26, 1876 a court order from a fierce battling divorce settlement, a quit claim appeared to Francis Duck.   The amazing part about this settlement that women were not regarded well if they were divorced and rarely did they own property. 

It is told that Francis Duck could handle any man; she was as fierce and as mean as any a bulldog.  She seems to walk the streets and still patrol her 80 acres.  Once in a while you will hear stories of her kicking things around on here little journeys in the evening.   Although no one has ever seen her, well except in pictures that is, she makes her presents known make no mistake about that.

By 1914 the 80 acres was in probate and long since had been divided up into lots.  Builders had already begun to develop the properties.  This didn’t make the Duck family happy, and actually caused a lot of fighting, it is reported that in the quite of the night, if you listen carefully you can hear the family arguing over the fate of the 80 acres.

On July 24, 1915 the pleasure boat “The Eastland” was hired by the local company Western Electric for their annual outing inviting all employees and their families. 

Within minutes the Eastland capsized leaving 812 people dead.  The people of course were all local within the village limits of Cicero and Berwyn and all were employed at Western Electric. 

The pains and crying of total families wiped out.  The local funeral homes made lots of money on this tragedy.

As a result of this horrific event and the money from all the funerals, The Hrejsa Mortuary that was across the street at the time from the questionable property that landed in probate. Four lots of property were purchased by a Mrs. Libuse Hrejsa in 1915 and a sizable Mortuary for that time was built.  By the way Mrs. Hrejsa was the first licensed female mortician in the state of Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Hrejsa kept this funeral home going from 1915 to 1975. Now if anyone knows their history of Cicero they know it’s an old Mob town.  Actually Cicero is still influenced by the Italians, now I am not pointing any fingers here I am just saying…

The funerals of well-known mobsters have come and gone.  You see around the rooms of the building, in a Smokey room smoking their cigarettes and gambling at the tables.  You can hear them talking about Johnny and “The Boss” fighting amongst one another.  The talk of the killings and the frightful battles of gunning one another down can be played out right before your eyes.  The room used for dressing and embalming still has the stench of the old fluids used left in the walls.    

On a more peaceful and quiet night you can walk into that old embalming room and see some of the clothing hanging up that the mortician had to dress the deceased in. Oh those funerals were first class all the way; one out doing the other.

In 1975 a spiritualist minister bought the building and converted the Mortuary into a Church.
(Interesting enough, the Hrejsa’s had stain glass put into the chapel of their Mortuary knowing that one day it would be a church.  Those windows are still in the chapel)   

Well now…Spiritualists believe in the spirit and so it was a perfect match we are told.  To this day the spirit roams around, make their presents known, and interact with many who flow through the doors of this church.   After all why would you even come to a Spiritualist Church if you didn’t believe in the Spirit? Type your paragraph here.

Must pay in advance:

Conover Square Investigation.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019

​7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

$30.00 per person.

Pay at the door..

$25.00  per person.  

Evangelical Spiritual Church

5130 W 25th St.

Cicero, IL 60504


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For a Learning and Investigation Experience

Investigate the Church (Ex Funeral Home)

Private parking on the East side of the building.

Cleansing and Sage

The ritual burning of herbs and herbal resins is common to many cultures in the world. From the rich frankincense of the Church and the Middle Eastern bazaar, to the heady incenses of Asia, to the raw energy of brush burning in many native cultures—the purification of space through this modality is a global phenomenon and one you can benefit from highly.

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today, it has nevertheless been a shared practice in other cultures too.

From the ancient Celtic druids who used sage as a sacred herb alongside Oak Moss for burning as well as medicinal purposes, to the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon whose ‘Palo Santo’ (sacred wood) sage burning ceremonies are still practiced to this day.

Spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is done to remove the negative energies or unwelcome spirits from your home using purified herbs. It is good to cleanse your home once in a while to adjust the emotional environment of your home and maintain peace. Whether you are moving to a new home or renting a place for new office, it is good to have it blessed or cleanse it by yourself to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibrations.


Spiritual cleansing with herbs or smudging clears away any negative energy, thoughts and bad feelings and helps in clearing one's body's aura. Spiritual cleansing with sage is done for protection against evil and negativity. Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition in which herbs are burned for emotional, psychic and spiritual purification. The effectiveness of smudging is based on the theory that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

Smudging is also effective when you are very angry, unwell, depressed or resentful or when had a fight with closed one.

Spiritual cleansing with sage:

Sage is a powerful herb which is held sacred in many religions due to its effective purifying energies. This small evergreen shrub is used in kitchen as herb for cooking and as herbal medicine due to its anti-biotic, anti-fungal and antispasmodic properties. It heals by bringing the patient back in to balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. This potent herb has been used for thousands of years in several rituals and ceremonies. It is used in cleansing rituals to establish positive energy, clarity of thoughts and healing.

There are many varieties of clarity of thoughts and healing.

There are many varieties of sage used in smudging. The botanical name for sage is Salvia and it is commonly called white sage.

Spiritual house cleansing with sage:

Performing a sage cleansing ritual for driving off negative energy from your home is not difficult. You just have to prepare yourself with some ingredients required to perform the ritual and gain knowledge about the entire procedure. To perform spiritual house cleansing with sage you will need.

White Sage, ceramic bowl or a large candle holder, matches, native music (if you desired)

Before starting the ritual, you have to mentally and physically distract yourself and concentrate on the smudging process.

The first step involves de-cluttering the space and making a peaceful environment in the room by switching off all the electronic gadgets. Take several deep breaths and bring your mind in a relaxed and positive state.

Once you have reached a positive frame of mind, prepare the sage for burning. The white sage for smudging is available in the form of wrapped long bundle. If you have loose sticks of white sage, place a handful of sage in the earthen bowl. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and light the end of the sage stick. Hold it in upward position and say your prayers, chants or requests for positive energy to cast out of any negativity. Visualize a bright light within yourself that will provide you shield against dark forces and negative energy. Offer the smoke of the sage smudge in all the directions of the house. Slowly, carry the smudge in the entire room to make sure smoke reaches every corner. Walk through the entire house, around the edges of the wall, corners of the frames of the doors and windows, bathrooms and your closets. Make sure you are handling the bowl safely, taking care of clothes in your closet and curtains. You can also use a large feather to fan the smoke in distant areas of your house.

Throughout the ritual, you have to focus on positive energy and recite prayers and chants. You may have chants or any soothing music in the background. Once you have completed the spiritual cleansing process of the entire home, extinguish the remaining sage bundle and you can save it for future use.

Conclusion: Spiritual house cleansing by using sage brings harmony and peace inside the home. It purifies the space.